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Care of the Snake plant after pruning

Care of the Snake plant after pruning: Have you recently hugged your snake factory and now wondered how you care about it? Pruning is an important aspect of taking care of the snake plant because it helps to maintain its health and appearance. However, appropriate care for pruning is just as necessary to ensure your factory reset and continue to prosper. In this guide we will confuse you in the steps of taking care of your snake factory after pruning, ensuring its growth and recovery.

Immediate care after pruning snake plants

After scratching your snake factory, there are some immediate steps you need to take to facilitate recovery and growth.

1- Factory Investigation:

Before you are anything else, take a closer look at the pruning of your snake factory to ensure that all dead or damaged leaves are removed. This will promote healthy growth and aid in the prevention of sickness.

2- Clean pruning tools:

Before pruning your snake factory, you must clean your pruning tools with alcohol scrub. It helps to prevent the spread of disease among plants.

3- Protecting fresh discount against the disease:

After pruning, place a thin layer of cinnamon powder on new pieces on the hose plant. Cinnamon contains natural antifungal properties that can protect the plant from disease.

4- Pour after pruning:

Adjust your irrigation routine to pruning to avoid excessive water. Allow the soil to dry a little between the roots to prevent root rot.

5- Fertility to pruning dos and no:

Avoid the fertility of your snake immediately after pruning. Waiting for new growth, then resume the usual fertilizer schedule with balanced home fertilization.

6- Sunlight and position:

After pruning, it is necessary to place the snake plant in an indirect sunlight area. Direct sunlight can be emphasized on the plant, especially during the recovery period. Look for a place with a bright light to encourage healthy growth.

7- Temperature and humidity:

Snake plants prefer temperatures between 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit (15-29 ° C) and maintain moderate temperatures and humidity levels around your snake factory to help recover. Keep your plant away from concepts and sudden temperature changes.

8- Patience:

Remember that patience is the key if you sponsor your snake factory after pruning. Allow her enough time to recover and adapt to the new growth pattern. Avoid temptation of excessive care for it as it can harm more than benefit.

9- Growth Control:

Take a look at the growth of your snake factory and overall health. Find the signs of new growth, such as lumps or fresh leaves, suggesting that the factory is recovering well.

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By following these care tips, you can make sure that your snake factory recovers smoothly after pruning and continues to thrive in your home or garden. Remember to give her appropriate conditions and patience, and you will be rewarded with a healthy and vital plant.

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