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How to choose the right bowl to repotting the snake plant

How to choose right bowl for repotting the snake plant: Looking forward to giving your snake plant a new home? Choosing the right bowl to re -evaluate is very important for the health and growth of your precious plant. In this guide we cover everything you need to know to determine the perfect bowl for your snake plant.

How can you choose a snake plant bowl?

Below are some of the basic aspects that should be thought when choosing a pot for planting your snake:

1- important size:

Snake plants have a root associated. Always choose a slightly larger bowl (about 2 inches wider in the diameter) than the current diameter. A very large bowl can carry excess moisture, leading to root rot.

2- Articles:

The tools occur in different materials. Mud and clay tools are porous, leading to a faster drying of the soil. Plastic tools and ceramics keep moisture well. Your choice should depend on the number of times you like water.

3- drainage holes:

It is necessary! Regardless of the material, your fate must be at the bottom of the lot to prevent the water from climbing.

4- Website Requirements:

If your snake factory gets a good amount of sunlight, the clay or clay bowl can be helpful as it helps the soil dehydration faster.

5- temperature and humidity:

In wet climates, mud pots or clay are useful as it allows a better role for air.

6- Aesthetic attractiveness:

The tools occur in many styles and colors! Choose something that completes your decorator and makes you smile.

7- Snake plant growth:

Some varieties of snake grow longer than others. Choose a bowl that provides the height and space required for your specified factory.

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Recommended snake tools you can use

1- Plastic tools:

Reasonable prices, lightweight and come in many colors. However, it is less porous.

2- Clay tools:

Excellent to breathe, but it can be easily broken.

3- Ceramic tools:

Domestic, non -porosity, offers great visual attraction.

4- Wood tools:

Add rustic magic, but over time it can decompose with moisture.

5- self-water tools:

Wonderful for those who tend to forget water, but make sure the bowl is not very large for the snake factory.

Important considerations

Snake plants carry dehydration. It is better to be under the water of Overwater, because the soil is which leads to root rot.

Snake plants can grow a lot. If you have a long variety, choose a strong bowl that provides a good base to prevent overthrow.

In closing

Choosing the right bowl to re -create your snake factory is needed for its health and growth. Consider factors such as size, materials, drainage and aesthetic gravity to choose the perfect bowl that meets your factory needs and complement your home decoration. With the right bowl, your snake plant will thrive and bring beauty into your inner space.

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