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What are the basic instruments to prune the snake plant?

What are the basic instruments to prune the Snake plant, with their incredible appearance and air regulation property, have become common in many homes. This solid juice is relatively low maintenance, but pruning is needed to maintain their health and prosperity. Whether you are a vegetarian parent or just start, the presence of the appropriate tools to prune your snake factory is very important. Let’s look at the basic equipment you need to keep the snake factory in good condition.

1- Reconstruction of scissors or scissors

One of the basic instruments you need to prune your snake factory is scissors or acute scissors. This allows you to make exact discounts when removing dead or damaged leaves. Make sure you choose the comfortable scissors to keep it and easy to use, as you will use it regularly to maintain the appearance of your factory.

2- rubbing alcohol or antiseptic

Before pruning your snake plant, it is important to disinfect your pruning instruments to prevent the spread of the disease. Immerse a clean cloth or cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and wiping your scissors or scissors. This simple step helps get rid of bacteria or fungi that can harm you during pruning.


While the snake plants are usually not neat or neat, during pruning your hands can protect your hands from any sharp edges or signs of potential on the leaves. Choose some lightweight garden gloves that offer both ingenuity and protection. You will feel safer and more at ease during the pruning process if you do this.

Optional instruments to prune the snake factory

In addition to the basic instruments mentioned above, there are some optional elements that can be useful if you prune your snake factory:

1- manuscript for a long time:

It is useful to reach the depths of the people leaves of large snake plants without bending or being uncomfortable.

2- Small Pincet:

Ideal for removing dead leaves from tight spaces without damaging the surrounding leaves.

3- small knife:

It is useful to make accurate discounts or remove stubborn dead leaves that can be tightly attached to the plant.

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Pruning tools tips

Now that you have gotten the necessary tools, here are some basic tips that need to be taken into account when pruning your snake factory:

1- Continue to prune sharply:

Acute tools clean discounts, reducing the risk of damage to your factory and increasing recovery faster.

2- Disclosure instruments between discounts:

To prevent the spread of the disease, you must clean your pruning tools while rubbing alcohol between each piece.

3- Quick only if necessary:

Avoid excessive delivery of your snake plant as it can emphasize the plant and prevent growth. Just remove dead, damaged or yellow leaves if necessary.

4- Use clean cuts:

Make sure you cut a slight angle when removing the leaves to improve the drainage of the water and reduce the risk of rot.

5- Monitoring of the growth patterns:

Check your snake factory regularly for new growth signs or pest injury. Adjust your pruning schedule accordingly to keep a healthy and important plant.

By following these tips and using the right tools, you can make your snake factory look better throughout the year. Remember to be accurate and patience, and the snake factory will continue to prosper for years. Happy garden!

Related questions (common questions):

Are yellow leaves normal for snake plants?

  • Sometimes, yes, but monitor other problems.

Can I publish snake pieces of pruning?

  • Definitely allow it and planted pumpkin.

Can I use a home scissors to prune my snake factory?

  • Yes, but the custom pruning instruments are better.

How many times should I prune my snake plant?

  • Prune as needed, usually every few months.

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